Jennie Kergoat-Ruelland

One Woman, One Inspiration

She loves the city, she loves to travel, she loves everything transient. She is passionate, curious and independent after spending much of her professional life in the skies working for some of the world’s premier airlines. After her adventure with United Airlines, Jennie Kergoat Ruelland designed and managed prestigious events across the world, particularly Royal Weddings in the Middle East. With gold, marble, crystal and silverware Jennie’s events placed joy in her guest’s memories and a sparkle in their eyes. It was this sparkle which Jennie wanted to capture in her most recent creation.

A new and elegant natural drink brand

2012: Birth of So Jennie Paris - Premium Luxury Bubbles

So Jennie Paris dips into Thousand and One Nights receptions, but it is also at one with The French Way of Life, in the transient, the meeting and the contingent. So Jennie Paris is made for the modern Party. The best fruits combined with the best bubbles.

No alcohol, no sulphites, no added sugars, celebrate a new attitude, responsible and vogue, which can make claim to both health and pleasure.