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So light, so intense

So Jennie Paris, an exceptional non-alcoholic sparkling.

So Jennie Paris is the original version of the leading brand of non-alcoholic sparkling.
a go-to stalwart for the ones who always – or occasionally – want to party alcohol-free.

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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”, said Oscar Wilde. Expressing your personality with confidence, being proud of your lifestyle, asserting your tastes and living in the moment as you choose to – that’s how So Jennie Paris sees freedom.
Being yourself suits you so well.

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rose mariage – elegance du detail

With a touch of tangy grape flavour and fine, delicate bubbles, So Jennie Paris leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the ingredients of a perfectly balanced refreshment. You can search the bottle in vain for the secret ingredient that makes all the difference, that little extra something that makes it taste so good – it’s not written on the label, it’s Jennie’s attention to detail and a relentless quest for perfection. Perfection encapsulated in effervescence, to make every moment a special one. A drink to regale the palate, and a feast for the eyes too, with its elegant Parisian designer bottle. The screen-printed gold-dust butterflies are a symbol of the sense of freedom so important to So Jennie Paris.

Find out about the So Jennie Paris ethos
SO JENNIE PARIS – Ambiance rosé Paris

Whether you’re a pleasure-seeker or a connoisseur, self-indulgence and sobriety are no longer mutually exclusive! So Jennie Paris is so infatuatingly uninhibited, that sampling this non-alcoholic sparkling is almost part of the French way of life. A lifestyle where elegance meets the quest for good taste, and each moment is an opportunity to indulge. So Jennie Paris has its rightful place alongside the most prestigious festive drink selections.

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Ambiance Polynesie – Home Page So Jennie Paris

From La Grande Épicerie in Paris to the latest ‘in’ Japanese restaurant, on an international flight or dining at the table of a prestigious chef in New York, So Jennie Paris will make great company, wherever life takes you.
Understated and refined, its universal values will make you feel at home from across the continents, from Europe to Asia, and from the countries of the Persian Gulf to the USA.

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Opinion of professionals

It’s a very good effervescent product made from grape musts. The bottle is beautiful.

Franck Putelat - Michelin starred chef
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Making those special
moments memorable

Wake up early on the other side of the world and be able to feel the comfort of a Parisian lifestyle… Share those precious, timeless and magical moments with your loved ones, and make them moments to remember… Live those major milestones in your life to the full, and lock their memories away in your heart forever…. Party as if the night could last forever.

Life’s precious moments

A little bit of Paris,
wherever you are

On a rooftop of a european city, around the table of new york restaurant, 40 000 feet above the ground, you’ll always have a bit of Paris with you with So Jennie Paris.

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So Jennie Paris
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